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Spring Fever in The Garden in Winter Garden is April 8-9, 2017!

Southern Heritage Realty is a family owned business selling new homes Winter Garden FL buyers love. We offer many services and provide you with the best listings. Location is everything and at Southern Heritage Realty we have the in-depth knowledge about the Winter Garden area, so we can offer you the best listings suited to your needs. There are many fun activities to enjoy in Winter Garden such as the Spring Fever in The Garden Festival.

What Is Spring Fever in The Garden?

The Spring Fever in The Garden festival offers many participatory activities for adults and children. It is an opportunity for you to bring your family out for a day of fun! They offer food and entertainment while teaching children about our environment. At this, festival you can buy plants and take time to stop and smell the roses. In addition to learning what is in the environment and how to keep it healthy, kids will also be able to climb a fire truck and have face paintings done. There are booths that provide information about water conservation and landscaping which can be very helpful to patrons who desire a beautiful landscape on their property.

The Benefits Of Visiting

This festival is just one of the many reasons we sell new homes Winter Garden FL inquirers fall in love with. The Spring Fever in The Garden Festival has so many great opportunities for adults and children to bond and learn.

The Kid Zone

The Kid Zone is for the whole family to enjoy and is free! Kids will have the chance to have their faces painted by a clown and will be able to plant seeds and bring the plants home to watch them grow so they can learn how to nurture them! The Kid Zone offers a lot of entertainment for the children such as a train ride down the street, a petting zoo, and a bounce house! They will also receive a visit from Smokey The Bear who will talk about wildfires and why it is so vital to keep our environment safe. Kids will learn how to protect the environment through fun but educational activities.

Entertainment And Food

When attending the festival, there will be many vendors offering all different kinds of food. Whatever you are in the mood for, our vendors have you covered. There will also be live entertainment! This includes 5 musicians on both Saturday and Sunday. They will play music from genres such as Soft Rock, Latin, Indie, and Bluegrass. The entertainment and food is sure to fulfill a fun day out with the family!

Location, Location, Location

At Southern Heritage Realty we know that location is everything when purchasing a home. As we take that into great consideration, we also make sure there are opportunities for you to learn more about the community and participate in community activities. This festival is a great way to do that and also to have a fun day out of the house while meeting new people within the community.

Contact Us!

There are many great things going on in our community and plenty of opportunities to interact with others. When you are looking for new homes Winter Garden FL buyers love, come visit Southern Heritage Realty to review the best listings. You can call us at 407-877-6928 or visit our website

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