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7 things about winter garden

When you are looking to move to the Winter Garden area, there are so many great home options available. Searching for the perfect home takes time and research so if you don’t find something you love right away, don’t be discouraged. Purchasing a home is quite an expense and an investment so you want to be absolutely sure you are picking out the right home. Our realtors at Southern Heritage Realty can help guide you in picking out what you want. It is recommended that you write down the features you must have and then things that you want but are not a necessity. Living in the city of Winter Garden can add so much happiness and value to your everyday life with beautiful new homes Winter Garden FL residents love.

7 Facts About Winter Garden

Whenever you are looking for homes for sale, relators will always try to convince you why you should purchase a home in the town they show you. This can cause hesitation in the buyer who may be looking at other areas but once you find out about all of the great things happening in the city of Winter Garden, you will want to purchase a home here right away! Some fun facts about this city:

  1. There are a number of different myths as to where the name “Winter Garden” came from including one where a group of growers met for a picnic and built a small railroad depot. They needed a name for the spot and called it Winter Garden.

  2. Winter Garden became a town in 1903 with only 191 residents where A.B. Newton was elected the first mayor.

  3. Dillard Street is named after James L. Dillard who ran the town’s garage, founded the bank of Winter Garden, and was city commissioner and state legislator.

  4. Lake Apopka is the second largest lake in the state.

  5. A major fire downtown destroyed the main business district and the buildings were rebuilt using brick.

  6. In the 1930’s, mayor George Walker knew that Roosevelt was providing money for building projects in cities so he secured a lot of this money and started building projects that gave jobs to people in the area.

  7. Hoyle Pounds opened the first Ford dealership in Winter Garden in 1920 in which he sold cars and farm equipment.

Live Here Today!

New homes Winter Garden FL residents can trust provide a great living atmosphere for people of all ages. Whether you are a young couple looking for your first home, or you have children and are looking for an amazing school system, the city of Winter Garden has everything you need! Aside from these fun facts about the beginning years of Winter Garden, there are so many fun activities to do here!

Contact Us

When you are looking for new homes Winter Garden FL residents rely on, let our Realtors walk you through the city of Winter Garden! There are activities, restaurants, and beautiful serenity! Whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning with your significant other or you are out on the soccer field supporting your children, Winter garden has something for everyone! To find out more about the stunning homes in Winter Garden, call Southern Heritage Realty at 407-877-6928 or visit our website!

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