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Get The Roof Inspection Checklist

Our roofs protect our homes from the harsh elements. However, from time to time, home owners and investors fail to perform the needed inspections and repairs. For many, this can lead to tragic property damage and loss. Our professional, quick, and easy inspections could potentially save everything. 

Determining the condition of the roof takes more than just a simple glance. What seems to be pleasing on the outside might not be pleasing on the inside. A roof inspection helps your clients know their chosen home's life expectancy and if they need to invest on the repairs.

Listed below are some things we look at during standard roof inspections:

1. Flashing During the initial inspection we look for damaged, separated, and rusted flashing. Flashing prevent water intrusion into the house as part of Weather Resistant Barrier (WRB) System.

2. Shingles Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements. Mismatched and sliding shingles indicate poor installation. Well-constructed shingles effectively insulate rain and wind.

3. Caulking Caulking or caulks should not be dried, cracked, or separated. If so, such roof sealants make a house susceptible to storms, especially to a hail storm.

4. Ceilings No nails must be exposed in the exterior ceilings that can cause serious danger to inhabitants. Dark spots of paint should not be peeling on the interior ceilings.

5. Pipe Vents Pipe vents play important roles in plumbing. They prevent toxic gases from leaking. Find out if rubber fittings around pipe vents are worn out.

6. Valleys  Valleys are also used to prevent water intrusion. Valleys should not contain rusty metal and misplaced shingles. A W-shaped, open style, heavy-gauge is the strongest type of valley against unpredictable weather.

7. Drainage Gutters must be working well and securely attached. Poor-quality gutters can cause roof leaks of immense amounts.

8. Chimneys Missing bricks and large cracks on walls require the upper portion of the chimney to be rebuilt. Cracks on chimney bricks must be replaced immediately to avoid accidents.

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