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6 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

Getting your home into the Florida real estate market can be an exciting enterprise, but you must prep your home for buyers in order to be able to sell it during the winter. Southern Heritage Realty in Winter Garden knows how to make your home appealing to prospective buyers, so contact them, the premier Winter Garden realtor, for more information.

1) Keep the Home Warm

Even Florida has taken a hit this winter with the frigid cold and it is important that your home try to combat this. If buyers step into your home and feel the same chill they feel outside, they’ll assume something is wrong with the insulation, even if all you are doing is trying to save on heat. If you are having an open house or buyers are coming to visit the property, make sure that the home is warm before people arrive.

2) Make Sure the Space is Brightly Lit

In the winter, even the nicest of spaces can seem dreary. Ample natural lighting can combat this as it let buyers see the beauty in the space as it would look in the summer. If natural lighting is hard to come by, use lighting that isn’t harsh on the eyes. Fluorescent lighting is going to seem too harsh to buyers and will likely leave an ugly cast over your spaces.

3) Be Careful with Powerful Scents

The holidays are a time when very fragrant smells begin to permeate homes. This can seem like a positive to you, who is accustomed to the smell, but to the buyer it may come off as overwhelming or it may give them allergies. Keep it safe and utilize only subtle scents, if any, in your home.

4) Make it Visually Appealing

A visually appealing home is one that sells. Often, in the winter, the home can become disorganized as guests come for the holidays or the space can become cluttered because of holiday decorations. However, you want the space to appear clean and sleek to buyers, so make sure to use minimal decorations and keep everything in its place.

5) Mood Matters

On the other hand, really sterile homes with no personal touches can be off-putting to buyers. Be sure to use a few personal touches in each room to give it warmth without seeming cluttered. Striking that balance can make the difference between a sale and several uninterested buyers.

6) Keep a Path Clear

Winter can mean storms. Although Floridians rarely have to worry about snow, there are still precautions you should take in the event of wintry weather. For instance, make sure to keep a holder by the door for people’s umbrellas in case it rains and be certain to have hooks or another way to hold people’s coats in the event of a winter chill.

Do You Need a Florida Real Estate Expert?

If you live in the Winter Garden area, a Winter Garden realtor can help you sell your home and prepare it for buyers. For more tips about how to make your home more appealing to buyers in the winter, contact Southern Heritage Realty.

Contact Us

Have you been wondering how you can increase your chances of selling your home in the winter? Don’t hesitate to contact Southern Heritage Realty, a Winter Garden realtor. They understand the Florida real estate market and they can help you sell your home this winter. Contact them to speak to a realtor about selling your home.

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