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New Homes Winter Garden FL Buyers Can Find By A Rated Schools

One of the main concerns people have about buying a home is the neighborhood. Buying a home is exciting, yet also scary. The home you buy is your long-term living space. Before buying a home, it’s suggested that a list of wants and needs be created by the potential homeowner. Some examples are:

  1. Home must be near a coffee shop

  2. Home must be near a specific gym

  3. Home must have biking trails near

  4. Home must be near large grocery store

  5. Home must be near A rated schools

These are just some examples of considerations homebuyers have to make. You may be curious about A rated schools…if my kids are already grown or I don’t plan on having any, why should I buy near A rated schools? The answer is because the community surrounding A rated schools are usually in higher demand. Typically homes are more expensive when they are located near A rated schools. Reason being, the neighborhoods must be kept clean, safe and appealing for the children that will be frequenting the area. New homes Winter Garden FL buyers find in A rated school districts will also be in low-crime areas. Parents seek out A rated schools for their children because those schools have the highest test scores. Homes for sale in school districts with a high rating are sought after.

Purchasing by A-Rated Schools is a Good Investment

Even if you don’t have kids, buying real estate in a good school district is a good idea. You may end up selling your home years down the road, and because it’s near an A rated school, it is more appealing to buyers and will sell faster. New homes Winter Garden FL buyers find in A rated school districts have a higher value than those located near B or C rated schools.

Three A rated schools in Winter Garden, FL are listed below:

Lake Whitney Elementary School- Public district PK-5

1351 Windermere Road, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Lake Whitney Elementary currently has 566 students enrolled. They offer YMCA, music, drama, Spanish, golf and ceramics for afterschool programs. This school has won the award of “Five Star School.” Lake Whitney Elementary has significant parent and community involvement.

Hope Charter School K-8

1550 East Crown Point Road, Ocoee, FL 34761

Hope Charter School currently has 415 students enrolled. The student/teacher ratio is 15 students per teacher. This school offers band, chorus, dance, drawing, painting and theater. The sports offered are basketball, football, golf, P.E. classes and volleyball.

Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School K-8

855 East Plant St. Suite 1500, Winter Garden FL 34787

This is a private school that currently has 170 students. Some after school activities include band, baton, chess, chorus, and yearbook. Summer camp is also available.

As you can see from the information in this post, purchasing property near A rated schools is a good idea for many reasons! When buying a home, you want to feel safe, secure and prepared for what the future may hold. If you purchase property near A rated schools, you may be paying more for your property up front, but your home will always be valuable if you decide to sell.

Contact Southern Heritage Realty

At Southern Heritage Realty, we know ALL the neighborhoods in Winter Garden and the surrounding areas. We have been in business for over 20 years and we are here to help you find the perfect home. Visit our website for more information!

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