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Homes for Sale in Winter Garden Bring You Closer to Shopping

Winter Garden is growing more and more as families look to enjoy the simple life. This cozy town offers a small town feel that more Americans are craving while providing the luxuries of in town living. Homes for sale in Winter Garden average around $250,000. By purchasing a home through Southern Heritage Realty in Winter Garden, you’ll be supporting local businesses and providing your family with a slower pace of life.

Because local yokels are continuing to thrive due to incoming property purchases, last November a parking garage was constructed downtown to support the city’s need for more customer parking. By making Winter Garden your new home you’ll be supporting a flourishing All-American town.

Shopping Options for the Family

If you’re looking for antiques or local products then you’ll want to discover Historic Downtown Winter Garden. Downtown shops sell novelty items from gourmet popcorn to handmade quilts, provide a break from corporate franchise eateries, and keep historic landmarks open, such as the Garden Theatre. Need something to do on a saturday or want to break away from purchasing gmp fruits and vegetables? The Winter Garden Farmer’s Market opens up from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. every weekend offering a plethora of goods to choose from.

If the downtown scene isn’t your forte and you’re searching for more convenient shopping then check out Winter Garden Village a.k.a. The Grove, formerly known as Fowler’s Grove. Named after the city’s agricultural history in orange groves, The Grove provides a great outdoor shopping experience. You can find your typical shopping stops for groceries, hardwares, clothing, special occasions, and homewares. There are vendors for nearly every need, ample parking, and relaxing rest areas. If you find the weather is too hot or windy, step into a covered breezeway or pergola. Take a moment to cool off, cover up, or take a break. Once you’ve caught your second wind continue shopping, have a drink, or head to the car.

The Plant Street Market

Plant Street Market is also a great place to get in touch with the community and enjoy a lazy weekend. Home to old world luxuries including a brewery, local meat market, chocolate confectionary, and more, this mini shopping area is housed historically and combines the pleasures of the downtown shopping scene with the hustle and bustle of The Grove.

Contact Us

Southern Heritage Realty can find homes for sale in Winter Garden closest to your desired shopping destination. Let them make your commute to the store shorter than it’s been before. If you want the luxury of walking or biking from home to local shops, businesses, and eateries, check out their listings online. To see what homes for sale in Winter Garden that fit your family’s budget, give them a call at (407) 877- 6928. There are plenty of activities to keep you and your family amused and happy in Winter Garden. Give this little town the chance to grow on you and you’ll be happy you did. Don’t forget to contact us on our website: if you have any reality questions about the area.

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