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Heed Our Advice: Price Your Home According to the Market

Setting the right price for your home in Winter Garden, FL requires sound strategy and advice from the Southern Heritage Realty professionals. They have years of experience in helping homeowners obtain the best value for their homes by setting a price according to the current market trends. Knowing how to price your home correctly the first time can be very overwhelming, especially for first-timers. This is why it’s crucial to seek professional input from a real estate agent in executing the process of pricing your home perfectly. In other words, you and your real estate agent should agree on the approximate value of your home. Here are strategies and tips to follow when deciding on the right value for your property.

Create a herd mentality

The real estate market has high stakes, and thus your buyer shouldn’t be the only investor interested in buying your home. Create that herd mentality so as to stimulate interest in more than just one buyer by pricing your home on the lower end of the value range. In fact, this could be a viable option if you’re interested in selling the property quickly and creating a multiple offer situation.

Set it to be found in real estate searches

Most buyers will request a winter garden realtor to find certain types of homes in the neighborhood of a specific price range. However, homeowners make the mistake of pricing their homes highly even when their agents advise against this. For example, if a buyer’s real estate agent is looking for a three-bedroom property in the price range $500k, he or she will conduct an automated search for a home that is under $500k in the local real estate database. Therefore, in such a situation if you set your price out of those gates, you may miss out on a potential buyer. Experienced real estate agents who are tech-savvy can help a buyer by conducting a search that is slightly above that price range. As a seller, to be on the safe side, you ought to discuss such details with your winter garden realtor and price your property according to the current real estate market trends.

Look At The Comp Analysis

Your realtor should perform a comprehensive and detailed comparative market analysis to see what homes sold for in your particular neighborhood or area within the past 6 months. This will give a very accurate estimate of where you should price your home. The market is a strong indicator of value.

Don’t get ‘creative’ with your pricing

Don’t try to be too smart with your asking price. If the buyers start getting curious about your asking price and yet the price range for such a home is slightly lower, they’ll start questioning your intentions. That will attract unnecessary attention to your home and probably be skipped by most buyers in the market. In my experience, you should remove personal items from your home and focus on decorating your home in neutral colors before listing it properly. The goal of Southern Heritage Realty is to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Work out a pricing contingency plan

Avoid working with agents who set your expectation too high or assuming that your home is very valuable. Instead of being guided by emotions, you should work out a contingency plan that will guide you before you list your property in the real estate market. It’s good to have a plan with your winter garden realtor before the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up so that you can know what to do in case the house doesn’t attract the desired pricing. The plan should be clear on the ‘Plan B’ when ‘Plan A’ fails to deliver positive results.

Call An Agent Today!

If you would like to speak with one of our highly experienced agents please call our office today at: (407) 877-6928 or visit our website.

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