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East Winter Garden Plan (Big Changes are Coming)

No matter where you live, choosing a home is a very important decision. If you have children you have an added layer of concerns including wanting to live in a safe neighborhood that happens to be near good schools. The Winter Garden area is a beautiful place to live. Whether you have a family or you are living alone, the close-knit community and no shortage of activities make Winter Garden a prime location. When you’re looking for things to do in Winter Garden, look no further! There are big changes coming and now would be a great time to look for homes for sale in Winter Garden FL.

About The Plan

Plan East Winter Garden will play a huge part in the future development of the community. The plan will set policies in place for a safe yet fun community. The team will work with the community first to identify a vision. This will help them balance the long term goals and values with the short term. As the team works together to continue to obtain all of the input and information to make a master plan, they will integrate the information and come up with a visual concept. These are the chapters that need to be included in that plan:

  1. Guiding principles- The values and information that are gathered and illustrated will be used as guidelines for future development.

  2. Street design and connectivity- This will provide recommendations for transportation in and around the community.

  3. Housing and quality of life- The housing part of the plan will describe the affordable and functional type of housing for a more complete neighborhood.

  4. Economic development and commercial potential- This will investigate mixed, business and commercial use options for the community.

  5. Implementation- This is when the community plan will finally be implemented.

Is It Important To Participate?

The process of creating the plan allows for you to have a voice. There are many opportunities you will be provided with to share your input. There are hands on community meetings and workshops, a planning studio that is open 3 days a week, and small group conversations between stakeholders and the rest of the community. The website will replace the in-person meetings, provide background information, project updates, and other ways to interact with your neighborhood. The final plan that will be implemented will take all of the community’s feedback and information into consideration. When you are looking for things to do in Winter Garden or you are looking for homes for sale in Winter Garden FL, this community will be perfect for you.

Contact Us

If you have anymore questions about the plan or you want to give your input, contact Southern Heritage Realty. We can help you choose from the many homes for sale in Winter Garden FL and provide you with a list of things to do in Winter Garden. Call us today at 407-877-6928 or visit our website at We look forward to helping you find the perfect home.

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