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Are Zestimates Truly A Good Gauge of A Home’s Value?

97 million homes on Zillow have Zestimates, but are these Zestimates accurate? To determine proper home value, your realtor from Southern Heritage Realty, Inc. can provide you with a comparative market analysis to give you the best understanding of how much your home costs. Although Zillow is a popular home buying site, they cannot replace the effectiveness and guidance of a realtor. The Zestimates provided by Zillow are nothing like the detailed and personalized analysis that a realtor would be able to provide you. If you are looking for the best new homes Winter Garden FL has to offer and want to work with a local realtor who can provide you with an accurate CMA, contact Southern Heritage Realty, Inc. today.

What are the Zestimates?

Zestimates are Zillow’s estimated market value of your home or the home that you are looking to buy. They are created by using a variety of factors including public data and user data. The accuracy of the actual estimate relies on the availability of data for the neighborhood and home itself. Zillow themselves state that the tool is meant to be used as a starting point for users before they move forward. The next step, they advise, would be to have a comparative market analysis, or CMA, by a licensed realtor; the tool itself is not a replacement for a CMA.

However, there a number of people who do not listen to this advisory and think that the Zestimate is the definitive tool that they need to get a home’s estimated market value. In reality, this can give people a warped understanding of how much a home’s value may be. The Zestimate may be too low or too high and you may not get an accurate understanding of how much your home is worth.

How to Estimate an Accurate Home Value

The only way to get a truly accurate estimate is by contacting a realtor for a comparative market analysis. In this, the realtor looks at data from the last three months or six months of the neighborhood the home is located in. They look at all the homes that have been sold in that neighborhood or the surrounding neighborhoods to get an accurate understanding of how much the home is worth.

If you are looking for the best new homes Winter Garden FL has to offer, contact Southern Heritage Realty, Inc. They can help you find a new home that you will love and sell your current home with the most accurate estimate for your home’s market value. Contact them to learn more and see what homes they have available in Winter Garden.

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If you have been looking for an accurate home value, don’t settle for a Zestimate. There is no single person behind a Zestimate and it is therefore not tailored to you or attentive to your needs. A realtor, like the ones at Southern Heritage Realty, Inc. can provide you with the comparative market analysis that you want. They can find you the best new homes Winter Garden FL has to offer so contact them today.

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