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Get to know Mini Singh.

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Hi, my name is Mini Singh and I love the state of Florida! I made the transition from NYC to Florida official at the end of 2018 but I have been traveling to Florida for many years prior, since my parents completed a new home construction in the earlier days in Winter Garden. I entered the Florida real estate market as an agent in August 2019 while juggling a 1-year job contract for a Financial Advisor. I am a native of Guyana, I speak some Spanish hindi punjabi. I spent my childhood climbing trees, picking delicious mango and guava! By the time I reached high school, my family migrated to the United States and we lived in Queens, NYC for my entire high school and college experience. In 2005, I was proud to be the first member of my family to earn a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts from CUNY Hunter College, where I majored in Political Science.  Since moving to Florida, I have loved exploring the local neighborhoods with my son as he grew through his toddlerhood. Now, at age 7, he, my husband, and I call this wonderful place our home, fulfilling a life-long dream.  My core values include being an active part of my local community, since my family heritage has always participated in family-owned businesses and public service organizations. My great loves include painting, photography, and writing. As an agent I am always here to help you achieve your real estate dreams and to ensure that all populations are treated fairly and have an opportunity to thrive in the current market. 

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Mobile: (347) 476-4848

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