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Meet Kelley Kadlec

Hello and please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kelley Kadlec and I have been serving West Orange County as a Real Estate Agent and Consultant for the past 20 years. Born and raised in the small town of Windermere, I have watched and participated the incredible economic growth of our county.

Just as I take great pride in being a mother of a US Soldier, I also pride myself by being a great listener and strong advocate for each and every client I partner with. Whether it is new construction such as the 24 hour manned lakefront community of Magnolia Pointe where I represented Mark Clayton Custom Homes and Baxter Development Corporation from 1997-2007 or the Mid-Century classic designs still standing strong throughout Orange and Lake County, my goals remain the same; treat all customers with the utmost respect and kindness that everyone deserves while guiding them through the process of new home ownership.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting and working with you in the future.

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Mobile: (407) 466-9234

Office: (407) 877-6928

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